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the manson conspiricy

probably the most bizarre conspiricy theory ive ever heard is as follows:the manson murders of actress sharon tate and five others on the night of august nine 1969 was part of a govt conspiricy to destroy the hippie movement as it was timed to coincide with the woodstock music festival.charlie manson was not a hippie , he was more of a facist.he was one of the hapless subjects of covert lsd experiments while in prison.instead of peace loving flowerchildren the hippies would be seen as drug crazed glassy-eyed killers.why sharon tate ? it had to be someone famous, but not to famous ,someone just coming up in hollywood.keep in mind ,sharons father was a high ranking army officer. what is much more establishment is that?roman polanski, tates husband ,produced the film rosemarys baby, sharon was 8 mos. pregnant when she died.think about it .

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